My Mum is that weird character in every movie, just a real life person. She’s the Professor Trelawney in Harry Potter. The female Edward Scissorhands. The non murderous, less intelligent Hannibal Lecter.

She quit her job, which is fine. But then proceeded to announce her plan of creating a song for the cats at the RSPCA, so she could become a one hit wonder on youtube, and the RSPCA would pay her to be on their TV show.

You may think she has hit rock bottom. You may think she has a mental disorder. I don’t know what you may think. But this is my Mum, she is just strange.

She told me that if you put the aircon on in the car, and wind the windows open that the car would explode. She told the pharmacist to explain to me why taking too many antibiotics would cause me to die during surgery. She told me to eat chicken because swimmers such as Ian Thorpe do. She told me that if I did not go to the toilet every hour my bladder would explode. She performed to me a dance of how many different ways she could wear her sarong in 4 minutes. She tickled my friend when she was doing a handstand.

My Mum is strange. But she’s my Mum.


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