My dad proposed to a woman within 2 weeks. Desperate much? Or was it ‘fate’ all along. For all we know they could have been star crossed lovers and destined to be together from the beginning. They did go out 25 years ago.

I just met her last week. Not what I expected. Quite sarcastic and speaks in a high pitched voice when telling a joke. Didn’t fill the awkward silences with questions, instead called Snowpea’s name over and over again. Not even my cat was the least bit curious.

Had a nightmare about their marriage last night. I objected in that bit where people object in the movie scene. I don’t even know why I’m so skeptical and don’t like the situation. Whatever makes him happy right? Oh, and I’m getting 2 brothers so I guess I’ll be an older sister.

I forgot to mention, the revelation of the proposal to the unknown soon to be step woman person happened out of the blue on the train home in Japan.


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